Unchaining Our Minds

Individuals tend to have their own particular definition of freedom. In all honesty, some of them are accurate while others are either slightly or mostly off the record. Some believe the concept of this is a state of no conflict at all whatsoever or having anything or everything one has ever dreamed of. However, those who believe it are missing the point. Personally, liberation is more than just what occurs in life; it is on a mental and spiritual level where your mentality simply says, “My life is not free of conflict, my attitude towards it means that I am strong enough to handle what life may aim at me”. The main reason most of us aren’t satisfied with ourselves is because we’re so inexplicably consumed with the thoughts and opinions of others that it begins to ultimately make us insecure. We become mentally enslaved to people’s opinions of us. This causes people to make themselves as to what others expect them to be, often varnishing their true form. In times like this, I ask myself, “Why should I have to put myself through hell in order to please those I don’t even know that well?”. I take this overall concept of freedom seriously. Pertaining to some of my goals, people my age are told to reduce our level of thinking because doing it too much is considered dangerous and that we’ll never be able to pursue what we want but instead do what they want.

My ultimate goal is to motivate and inspire others and I’m glad to acknowledge I’ve been doing so on a weekly to daily basis. One might not get far in life if they resort to this. It does nothing but ultimately turns you into a tool constantly being used until you’re no longer usable. It’s one thing to claim that you’re free (whatever that may mean to you), but it’s another thing to prove it. Words will almost never be true until they’re followed by actions, most of us know this firsthand. In order to unchain the invisible chains in the mind, it starts with realizing you’ve been maintaining illusions told by those or content you thought you were able to trust. It is all a process to, in the words of Dr. Sam Chand, learn, unlearn, and relearn. There will be resistance at first, because no one starts out accepting such a harsh reality, at least not in this society. There is from beginning to end resistance, observation, acceptance, and action. Once your mind is free, you are no longer controlled by anyone or anything. You’ll then have the courage and capability to let go of your care. Once this is done, the path to real liberation is closer than you think. 

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Joys & Pains Free on Kindle Unlimited

Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude for those who’ve purchased my book, Joys & Pains: Words From The Soul. As of now it’s reached 11 reviews on Amazon. Your support means a lot and I really appreciate it. The book is now free for those who have Kindle Unlimited. Don’t forget to spread the word, keep the conversation going!

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30 Leadership Tips


  1. Remain confident, let it be authentic.
  2. Put work ahead of free time
  3. Don’t procrastinate
  4. Have benefits to everything you do
  5. Don’t have what you do benefit only you, but others as well
  6. Hold yourself accountable for your actions
  7. Understand that you don’t have all the answers
  8. Build, establish, and recognize your capabilities or others won’t
  9. Aim for more than average
  10. Always be honest
  11. Don’t sacrifice your beliefs/morals for anyone
  12. Be open to new ideas/concepts
  13. Don’t be quick to dismiss ideas of others (i.e ridiculous)
  14. Think for yourself
  15. Spend your free time reading or anything that stimulates the brain
  16. Accept things you can’t change
  17. Address things you don’t stand for; don’t remain silent
  18. Have a strong sense of motivation
  19. When encountering advice from others don’t just hear, listen (there’s a difference)
  20. Don’t be a know-it-all
  21. When things go bad, hold those responsible accountable, but help them
  22. Mean what you say and don’t contradict yourself
  23. Some things in life and work are meant be simple, don’t make them so complicated
  24. Express your ideas to the world, don’t hold back
  25. Manage your priorities carefully
  26. Respect everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, etc.
  27. Stay humble no matter how popular you may become
  28. Be original
  29. Work for a purpose, not for recognition
  30. Understand that all bad occurrences are temporary

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Top 12 Favorite Frank Sinatra Songs


I’m sure most are as well, but I’m shocked to acknowledge that if Frank Sinatra were alive today, he would’ve been 100 years old. While he sadly passed away 17 years ago in 1998, his music and legacy will continue to transcend to many generations. He was truly a one of a kind, and there will never be another. Some may try to and may come close, but in the end, Sinatra’s style is meant for him and only him. Today, I’d like to share with you all my top 12 favorite songs by the legendary vocalist. Feel free to comment your own favorites.

1. All My Tomorrows
2. New York New York
3. It Had To Be You
4. Luck Be A Lady
5. Bewitched
6. That’s Life
7. My Way
8. Drinking Again
9. For The Good Times
10. Come Fly With Me
11. My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)
12. Let Me Try Again

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Three Holiday Ideas for 2015 

I apologize for an extended absence, due to college (which had paid off) and further work on my second book which I plan to release in early 2016. To me, the holiday season is simply a time not just for giving, since I believe that should occur on a daily basis. It is a time to reflect and differentiate what had went on this past year both positively and negatively. With the negative occurrences, we can figure out what we’re able to do to eliminate them and learn from them so that we become better individuals the remaining days of our lives. 

I love the fact that people promote the concept of giving and what it means to be charitable, but it seems like an on-again off-again trend. You can’t call giving a trend. We always say it’s better to give than to receive. However, some people have unfortunately been diagnosed with worldly diseases like greed and self entitlement. It’s the same thing as giving to those in poverty. We praise a homeless man on a Sunday, and ignore him on a Monday. Giving should be daily, even if it isn’t much. Sometimes the smallest gifts bring the most happiness in individuals. This just goes to show that it doesn’t take much for some to make them happy. While I’m still in the process of planning what to do this holiday season, along the way came three simple but meaningful ideas I’d like to pass on to all of you:

1. Give a gift to someone you don’t know. Now this might be a bit difficult, some people may take it one way while others take it another. Simply be careful, but it’ll surely bring joy to those receiving it.

2. Make Christmas cards for children, especially those who are unfortunately ill or aren’t able to celebrate Christmas due to personal circumstances. The best types of cards are those made manually, it lets them know it came from your heart. If it is handmade, make it legible, but also creative. 

3. Write your own holiday song. While we all have our favorite carols, and favorite renditions, there’s nothing better than creating your own tune for the season. It doesn’t have to be traditional style, but I think it should maintain the essence of Christmas, or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. I’m in the process of writing my own, and it’s a great feeling to think outside of the same but amazing songs we hear on a daily basis this season. 

These are just some I’ve had for a while. Feel free to send me your ideas by commenting and/or Twitter. Thanks for reading. Please share on Twitter and tag me @MJJLover97. 

Happy December, and lastly: Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah and a very fortunate and happy new year! 

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Racism & Slavery: How They Still Exist

Here is the undeniable truth: racism will never cease unless we find an everlasting solution to not eliminate it completely, but lessen it greatly, however that may be. No matter how much people try to varnish or refuse to accept it, racism still remains a blatant reality. Unjust racial actions may not be as cruel and ferocious as they were centuries ago, but they are still alive and overtly prominent with the contemporary world providing many modern examples. Examples of the world today include police brutality, derogatory racism remarks, fallacious indictments, racial profiling, the music industry, the fashion industry, and so much more. Over the past few years, police brutality cases, have been one of many critical and pressing issues in American society, especially if the victims are black. Due to shootings, abuse, and mistreatments in places like Florida, Ferguson, and more recently, Baltimore, these cases further proved the fact that racism hasn’t ended and probably won’t for a long time. Because of a longstanding history of skewed news coverage and media alteration and distortion, we are deprived of an accurate depiction of reality (reductionism is a better way of putting it). We wonder why things appear worse than they previously were, it is because of sensationalist and parochial news reports, perpetuating certain stories to contrive futile and unnecessary controversy. Other times, they will situate all of their attention to a story that prevents us from further broadening our consciousness of what is occurring around the world. Racism is certainly an example. News reports, aside from police brutality stories, tend to report on other important (and sometimes unimportant) matters to give us a false sense of the belief that racism has ended when it is far from from doing so. There is additionally prominent racism in the world of sports. An example would be league baseball color bans of the 1890’s. Blacks were prevented from participating in the National Baseball League due to prejudice. Because of this, they eventually formed the Negro League. Over time, Jackie Robinson began playing in the national leagues and ended the racial barrier of the NBL, becoming the first African American to play baseball in the National Baseball League. By 1952, 150 blacks were playing in the National Baseball League. However, people today refuse to acknowledge these types of milestones and many other contributions to American society by blacks, and these same people are responsible for persisting racism and discrimination in not just sports, but in the U.S as a whole. Whether it’s sports or police brutality, racism is nothing new and has been the catalyst for many unfortunate misfortunes this white supremacist paradigm has bought on for centuries.
One of the most common misconceptions in addition to racism is the absence of slavery. If it is mentioned, someone might respond by saying that it was centuries ago. The truth is that slavery comes in different forms. Modern examples of physical slavery occur on a global scale and include bonding, child slavery, human trafficking, sex trade and ritual slavery in many countries in contemporary Africa. Children in Benin and Togo are sold between $20-70, particularly girls. Slavery in Mali affects people of all backgrounds. Perhaps the most noticeable practice of modern physical slavery lies in Asia (most notably Indonesia, China and Bangladesh) where youths, while deprived of benefits are forced to perform child labor in sweatshop factories with unsanitary conditions, and little to no pay. In actuality, worse than physical slavery is mental slavery. With mental slavery, the chains are invisible. There is no telling physically whether we are mentally free or not. Our actions tell us if we are. When you allow the media and those with greater power to control your actions such as those who wait ridiculously long in line for the latest Apple device, THAT is mental slavery. When people consider an artist whose lyrical content is full of sheer degradation, trivial matters, and ignorance a great role model, THAT is mental slavery. 
“Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.”

-Wayne Dyer
And until we’re able to deprive ourselves of these physical and mental chains that keep us in bondage, we will unfortunately continue to be slaves to an environment of animosity, deception, and manipulation.

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Pray For Paris


As the majority of us all know, Paris, France has become the target of a series of terrorist attacks, and it is probably the worst Europe has seen since 2004’s Barcelona bombings where the death toll was 191. The events leading up to the attacks are similar to that of 9/11. To discover an atmosphere of catastrophic violence must be a horror to any country, and with France, something this tragic hasn’t occurred here since World War II. A member of ISIS claimed responsibility. There were 8 members of ISIS armed with weaponry and wearing explosive belts. According to Patrick Klugman, the deputy mayor of Paris, the death toll was 128, while 180 more were injured. 99 of these people are reported to be in critical condition. Seven of the attackers died due to suicide bombings.

My heart deeply goes out to the innocent victims, and their families. This isn’t just an attack on Paris, I feel like it is an attack on humanity by those who are apparently anti-humanity. I have no words to express the pain and sorrow I encounter reading about this. And one of the most unfortunate things about it was that it occurred on World Kindness Day. I ask that everyone not just those reading this post, but everyone in the world to please say a prayer to the country of France. 30% of the total proceeds of my new book, will be given to help those in Paris who are still in need. I know God is hearing our pleas, and while we pray, we must take a call to action ourselves to prevent these events from happening.

Heavenly Father, I ask of nothing else at this moment but to please keep the victims of this tragedy safe and in no more harm than they’ve already experienced. I ask that the rest of the world to take this as a wake up call and to focus on what really and truly matters in this lifetime. If we can come together for world change like we do for the latest devices in stores, then that alone creates a peace and makes a significant difference. Let those who are for humanity do the best they can to truly make an impact in the world before their departing. I pray, in the name of your son. Amen. Also please pray for Africa, Japan, Missouri, and the rest of the world as a whole. 

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